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Current affinity capture products are based on magnetic particles much smaller than the target cell. These range in size from 50 nm up to 4.7 µM. They are designed to sediment slowly to increase the likelihood for the antibody-coated particle to encounter the target cell. This places a limitation on the volume of the magnetic core that can be used. The low density makes it difficult for the particle to migrate through viscous primary tissues such as blood and the lower the magnetic material content the less likely the particle is to respond to a distant magnetic field. Small aperture flow through capture devices have been developed to achieve capture of these cell/small particle complexes, but they have slow sample processing times and limited volume capability.


Neurodegenerative Disease

Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease have very different symptoms, but at a molecular level they may well have much in common.

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Novel Aggregated Biomarker

The challenge in developing blood tests for these aggregated proteins is to achieve the required level of sensitivity.

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Neurodegeneration Biomarkers

Blood Biomarker profiles as tested on clinical samples

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